I am starting a new blog today and it is going to be dedicated to all my pals. I intend to write about the cats that I love. Plain and simple.

I have to admit, there has never been a cat that I do not like and certainly the female felines all hold a special place in my heart but there are many Toms that I have a deep affection for, also. I shall endeavour to pen the stories of their fascinating histories and biographies and how they have affected my life for the better.

As most of you know , I am a happily engaged Tom. Cleo is the love of my life and therefore she is the kitty I must begin this blog with.

Cleopatra was born on the 5th of September 2016. A date that holds such special meaning for me. I have written about our love story in the book Loving The View http://thejoyofcats.ca/ but more details are provided about her, for this blog.

Let me begin this wonderful tale with how she came to her loving home. It seems Cleo’s human sister, (we shall call her HuSis), had been asking about adopting a cat for years. (Obviously, this HuSis is the brains of the household.) The Queen Mum, felt that the menagerie of fish, hamster and guinea pig were enough to fill their happy home and continued to refuse the patter of little paws on the premises.

Luckily, our heroine persisted and caught the Queen Mum at a weak moment. HuSis insisted the Queen Mum have a look, on a local website, at a couple of British Short Hairs who were searching for a home.

Instinct kicked in and the Queen Mum rang the lady to make arrangements for the family to visit the remaining bundles of joy; a tiny Tom and his sisfur. The boy kitten was full of fun and mischief as one would expect but the little girl (my-soon-to-be-wife-Cleo) was a genius and sweetly fell asleep on her future HuSis. Practically ensuring a place in the hearts of the family. No one can resist a sleeping beauty, (I know I can’t) and she joined the household on All Hollow’s Eve of that same year. (In other words, on Halloween.)

This is the tiny, sweet thing. Is she gorgeous, or what?!!!

It turns out that HuDad, also, wanted to bring home the rambunctious little boy but with a steely resolve it was not to be. The female became the chosen one. There is an unusual twist to the story, in that a woman whom the Queen Mum works with, knows the people who adopted that feisty Tom and they live only 10 minutes away!

Giving a moniker to the lovely girl fell upon the capable mind of her clever HuSis. Aurora, the goddess of dawn, was briefly considered but it just did not fit this pretty, grey, British Short Hair. So, HuSis took to looking up Egyptian names. Of course, Cleopatra leapt from the page and onto the cutest kitten that ever lived. It fit the majestic Queen, purrfectly. Now, the Queen Mum who was the toughest one to convince to adopt, would be lost without Cleo.

I met the lovely feline, the following summer. Being partial to British Short Hairs, as soon as she contacted my sisfur, I was interested. Cleo’s reaction to Patches’ snake obsession was and is the cutest thing ever. (It happens to coincide with my views purrfectly.)

Flirting with my Queen, won me her heart and she, mine. I assumed that I would have to give up this teasing once I set my sights on her but this BSH is an Angel whom graces my life with love. She knows me so well that not even the harmless sweet-talking that I do with other kitties will penetrate that kind and loving heart of hers.

She is generous, compassionate and good-natured. All of which, I have tested at one time or another with my disreputable behaviour. This beautiful soul has never berated or criticized. (And believe me, she would be well within her rights, to do so.) There have been times when I have chosen the path of ‘absolute cad’ yet she focuses on the good.

The next year and a half will be centered on our upcoming nuptials. This, I suspect, will either make us or break us. While being in love with Cleopatra is the greatest feeling ever, marriage does put the frighteners on me.

I want to be the best husband I can for her but will my demonic side scuttle things? (Stay tuned) Or will she take up with some Julius Caesar, who has more power and charisma with an aim to abscond with her? Only time will tell. (It is my greatest fear.)

Hopefully, our love will see us through and her love, being more pure, will guide me to be the kind of Tom who deserves her. I know that when Cleopatra and I wed, 5/Sept./2020, it will be the day my life truly begins. Surrounded by her love, day in and day out, has already increased my confidence to the point where I look forward to meeting her at the altar, despite my qualms regarding the ‘M’ word. We shall declare our love before the world and all of our friends. My biggest challenge that day, will be in remaining upright as I tend to faint when struck by her beauty.

Cleopatra is the one for me and I will love her forever and a day.