First of all, let me tell each and every one of you, just how fabulous you look.  *straightens tie*

Most Toms would give their eyeteeth to be in the position I am in; to be amongst this lovely bevy of Babes!  As you know, it is my mission to make my female, feline furriends feel first-rate.

I am honour-bound (and duty-bound) to start this new blog by inviting all the girl kittens out there, to be a part of this elite group.  If any cat reading this blog wants to be included and never miss a newsletter for #TibbsysAngels, you can follow us on Twitter (as that is where we are most of the time) and ask to be tagged. No feline will be left behind.

Now, for the introduction edition of our newsletter, I will explain how #TibbsysAngels came to be and why I owe them so much.  A couple of years ago, I was tweeting with the usual lady cats whom, because of their stunning beauty, I tend to flirt with.  It is a bit of harmless fun because as most of  you know, I am an engaged Tom and very much in love with my beautiful fiancée, Cleopatra.  Just thinking of her . . . Ooooooo . . . *my knees are beginning to buckle*  Let me take a few deep breaths!

In . . .

Out . .

In . . .

Out . . .

Okay. I caught myself mid-swoon but am recovered enough to carry on. Where was I . . . ? Oh, yes . . .

Anyway, I was trifling with some of my Twitter Gal-Pal’s when a nefarious interloper jumped into the conversation. Normally, I am more than happy to engage with another kitty, it matters not who they are but this loutish beast began to make disparaging remarks about my weight! 🙀🙀🙀

Some may not know this, to look at me, but in certain light and if caught by the wrong camera angle, I can be thought of as . . . thickset.

Well, this ultra thin waif, had the effrontery to mention that I might be F A T. and unhealthy. Personally, I was not offended by the claim. I know the inner workings of my eating habits better than anyone, but my harem took offence and tweets were exchanged into the ether with vitriolic abandon. This person insisted that I was sick and afflicted with all kinds of morbid conditions. None of which is true. They refused to believe otherwise. In the end, all my Twitter felines blocked this person.

Now, I am not used to others sticking up for me. I am big enough and ugly enough to fight my own battles. Nevertheless, this was an outpouring of love and kindness towards me, the likes of which I had never experienced before. Right then and there, I named every one of those pals my #TibbsysAngels. (I am happy to say, there were some human Angels as well). I was touched that they would care so much for this slightly overweight panfur, who is just trying to have fun and spread some joy.

The number of #TibbsysAngels has grown, proportionally to my girth, since that fateful day. I have to admit whenever I see a good-looking feline, I want her as part of my team, (quite frankly, I have never met a girl cat who wasn’t a stunner) and all I ask in return is that they allow me to flatter and lavish them with praise. After all, if I can bring about such heated passion, then I owe it to the ladies, to return the amorous outpouring of good will. My weapon of choice is flattery.

Most are happy to comply, only one has ever refused (she shall remain nameless but she knows who she is and it’s only a matter of time before she dumps her domineering Tomfriend, Brian, and joins the rest). As I have stated, all felines are welcome to be #TibbsysAngels, so long as they are prepared to be meowed highly of, by me.

If any of my Angels out there have a special event coming up, that can be shared with the rest of us (like a wedding, mayhap?) get in touch and I shall be happy to write about it in forthcoming newsletters. I know my Angel, Phoebe, has a ‘big date’ with my bro . . . with her Secret Admirer, this weekend. Maybe we can hear all about it in the next newsletter? Being a member of #TibbsysAngels means we want the best for each other and will encourage and support one another forever.

Here ended the first Newsletter

M. A. Tibbs