Phoebe’s Date Night

Some of you Angels may not know about Phoebe and the mysterious Tom who has been pursuing her for nearly a year but this has been a tale like no other. Allow me to introduce them to you . . .

Miss Phoebe Lee is a black and white domestic long hair supermeowdal, with extra toes and her cunningly-cloaked fellow is a regular domestic short-haired tabby. They met in the summer of 2018, had a terrific date and quickly fell in love, only to be pipped at the post by a domineering mother-of-the-Tom who demanded that they cease their romance immediately.

Instead of allowing the love of his life to get away, our hero took to wearing a clever disguise, so no one (especially his mom) would guess his true identity.

Luckily, our heroine knew the enigmatic character of this masked Tom of honour. He was her one true love.

Now as I understand it, their first date ended in a ‘near’ kiss but they were chased off before lips could be touched. And it has taken months for them to re-organize another social outing.

Just a few short weeks ago, they did, indeed, have plans for a second date and by all accounts, a strange turn of events ensued. I shall let Phoebe tell the tale in her own words. Hang on to your hats, my Angels, this may be the steamiest romance you have been privy to in a long time.

Phoebe takes over from here . . .

‘This is the story of a date gone wrong for the better . . . Okay, it sounds complicated, but let me explain . . .

It all started Wednesday, March the 20th. I posted a tweet to my ‘Secret Admirer’ saying I was dreaming of us paw in paw on our next date. He knew that I was longing to meet up with him again but under the circumstances (his evil mom), he didn’t know if he would ever be able to wriggle out for the night as his jailor (the above mentioned, ‘evil mom’) kept a close watch on him.

But like the noble Tom he is, he put his fears aside and replied, “OMC!!!! Phoebe the Beautiful has stolen my heart. Signed Your Secret Admirer. *I wonder if I can sneak out of the house on the weekend?*”

To which I returned, “Meow, Meow . . . I have?!!! Mews is a ninja, I think mew can make it outa the house in secret. Oh my, this is soooo exciting. I need to go prepare for our *maybe* date!!! Eeek!!! Love mews so much and I’m so excited!” I was bursting with breathtaking exhilaration. We were, finally, going on our second DATE!!!

So we had a few more meowings and the conversation left off with the mysterious Tom saying, “Meet you under the boardwalk, Saturday night, at 7:00 p.m. Signed, Your Secret Admirer. 🥾👢🥾👢”

Romance was in the air.

Now fast forward to Saturday night, I was getting all ready for our date, doing my fur, wearing a beautiful pink dress, and was flush with anticipation.

Quickly my enthusiasm turned to disappointment when my sweetheart tweeted, “LOOK AT YOU, MY LOVE!!! MEOWSER!!! But I’m being watched!!! I don’t think I’ll be able to make our date! Mom found out, I was planning to sneak out and she set Dusty, the warden, on my tail. Oh . . . Phoebe . . . I’m devastated.”

I was devastated too. 😿 I started sobbing and my wonderful furriend Cleo, the tuxie, rushed over and asked if I was okay.

“I was so excited and Mr. Secret’s meany mom has to try to stop us! We are destined to be together though. I, just, know it! I love him so much 😭💔”. I replied, still unable to call my love by his real name.

Then the plot took a most unexpected twist!

“How am I ever going to make this up to you? This is the second time I have disappointed you! Oh, Phoebe . . . You deserve so much better! What a stunner you are! I’m going to have a word with my mom and insist that she let me see you.” My chivalrous Knight then ripped off his mask and continued, “NO MORE HIDING! I LOVE PHOEBE and don’t care who knows it!”

I was astonished by his bravery. Boots had publicly professed his love for me! I gave him a big kiss and worriedly asked if I could call him 🥾👢🥾👢 now. 🙀 I was still afraid of any repercussions from his parent.

This is when things got even crazier . . .

Boots sent back, “If you would do me the honour . . . ? *gets down on bended paw.*”

I was very confused. I asked, “🙀 Is this a proposal??? A kiss??? Eeeek . . . I don’t know what to do?!! I love mew so much, mews is the bravest kitty I know! Muah! 😽💋”

To which he replied, “Uh . . . Hmmm . . . Well . . . I . . . *My Mom is going to kill me for this . . . * Stuff it . . . You look so beautiful in that dress. Yes, Phoebe dear . . . Will you honour me by agreeing to be my wife?” 🙀

I screeched, nearly fainted, and then replied, “Uhmmm . . . Uhmmm . . . Yes, yes, yes, YES! I will be mewr wife!!! OMC! OMC! Mr. And Mrs. Boots! Eeeek!!!! I’m so excited! Is this a dream? 💋💋💋”

“I’m the happiest Tom, EVER!!! It’s like I’m on cloud nine. 🎼 . . . Boots and Phoebe sitting in a tree . . . K I S S I N G . . . 🎼” he happily sang.

I finished the rest of the song by singing the later lyrics, “ . . . 🎼 . . . First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes kittens in the baby carriage . . . 🎼

At this point, it was very late so we kissed and headed our separate ways, back to our respective homes.

Well, there you have it. Our crazy engagement story. 😹 Even though Boots’ mom is as mad as can be, we are so happy with each other! I’m glad his days of concealing his identity are no more. We are now free to be a couple for all the world to see. I love you Boots! 😽💋’

Well, my Angels . . . is this not the most charming and delightfully romantic saga, you have had the privilege of reading? I shall keep you all up to date on this sizzling courtship, so stay tuned for more of the on-going epic love story between Boots and Phoebe. Oh . . . and I have it on good authority that you are all invited to the wedding.

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